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It's all in the preparation!

What will it cost?:
  • A Touch of Flock believes in the philosophy of do it once and do it properly. Like spraying, 99% of the work is in the preparation and without this, the finish will not last. It is not a case of offering the cheapest job but offering the best service with a finish that will last that is forefront and brings clients back time and time again.

    When choosing a company to undertake your work, ask to see samples. Find out what preparation work they carry out, you'd be suprised how many companies either don't bother or carry out little preparation work which is often reflected in a very cheap price. Ask how they apply their flock, what glues they use and why they use the type of flock they do. By covering all these bases, it should ensure that you get the very best product. Remember, cheapest isn't always best.

    All jobs are priced individually based on item, time, preparation, complexity and colour required so please contact A Touch of Flock detailing your requirements.

    Please remember that all services provided are backed up with constant research and testing to ensure the best possible product.

Had something flocked and not happy with it?
  • From time to time A Touch of Flock are asked to look at items where there has been a surface coating failure. The finish can be assessed and a course of action laid out as to how to improve it. Even manufacturers don't always get it right first time and also over a long period of time some glues can break down.
What colour and finishes can I have?
  • Whilst most people may choose black as a safe colour to go for, there are a whole range of colour posibilities and effects. A Touch of Flock offer a standard range of over 40 colours but due to our continued commitment to clients, where possible, will try and colour match. Who else offers a service like that? Just imagine being the only person in the world with your own custom mixed colour!

    Also on offer are shimmer and metallic effects to bring sparkle and life into any item.

    In high wear areas depending on colour a longer and thicker flock can be specified.

    Also, a good match for black alcantara has been obtained, shorter and softer than standard flock with a slight grey tinge to it, it generally offers a better match than a standard black and is great for those areas that are too complex to trim.