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A Touch of Flock: The Birthplace of Flocked Wheels

So, what do we get asked the most?

How do you clean it?

Vacuum or a damp cloth are normally the easiest ways to clean flock. It doesn't get any dirtier than the surface that was there before but dependant on colour, may show the soiling more. It's its outside the car, run a hose or pressure washer over it. The process used by NADUK means that if needed the item can be hosed down or jetwashed.

Will it last?

Obviously we have no control over how the parts are treated once they leave us. The products and processes we use should ensure the finish, if not abused, will last as long as any other type of finish. If you're kicking and scrubbing at it, this will reduce the life period. One of our product tests includes flocked archliners. After 20k miles, they're still going strong!