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A Touch of Flock:

The worlds most innovative flockers:

A Touch of Flock aims to educate in the uses and posibilities of what flocking can be used for. Where other companies dare to tread, this company ploughs ahead. Want to try something new? You've come to the right place.

A Touch of Flock, like all NADUK (Nad's Automotive Developments UK) Companies takes research and testing seriously, always looking for new items to flock and test the limits of flock and the adhesives. Various long term trials continue to test the durability of the techniques and materials A Touch of Flock uses, to reassure our clients.

Equipment used is of the electrostatic variety. Also available is air assisted equipment to help with covering deep recesses, equipment that many companies do not pocess. For more information please see the section about flocking.

Can't find the colour you want? Where possible A Touch of Flock will try and match any colour you wish!

A Touch of Flock are the original wheel flockers and are the first company to push the use of shimmer effects in the automotive sector. Accept no imitations!

PLEASE NOTE: Flocked wheels are one of the long term test pieces to test durability. NADUK flocking can withstand jetwashing for anyone wondering how the outside is kept so clean.